1. Do NOT send us the Synopsis.

We believe it is not possible to choose a book with this method. It is rapid but extreemely superficial.

Nobody would have published books on the basis of synopsis like: "An old friar goes with his novice in a monastry where a lot of murderers happens.  In the end they find out it was all because of an ancient Aristotle book" or even better "One day a travelling salesmann wakes up transformed in a beatle. He slowly accepts his new condition but his family refusal and the feeling of being now just a burdain throws him in a deep depression that kills him".
Eco and Kafka would have surely recieved a refusal letter.

2. Send us the manuscript pdf  (or at least the first hundred pages) at the address:

3. At the moment the languages in which we accept and judge manuscripts are: English, Italian. German.

4. Please attach, if you feel like, an author's note in which you explain your novel/essay original idea.

5. We accept novels with no genre limitations and essays (literature, history, art, antropology, physics, economics).

6. We'll try to answer within two months.
If you don't recieve an answer within 60 days please send us an email with at the object: manuscript title - reminder.

7. We are not a vanity press. No fee is dued for the manuscript reading and judgement.

8. All contracts will be in English.

9. Sending the manuscript is an author volunteer act and does not mean any publishing obligation.